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When speaking with anyone about building a new home, generally the first question is ‘where are you looking to build’? The answer to that question will take some serious consideration. And, that really should be the first question. Where then comes the what. I’ll explain.

If you put the home before the location, you could face some challenges and even some major redirection if the plan you’ve fallen in love with doesn’t fit on the lot or land you’ve chosen. If the land or lot you choose has a unique dimension then it will take a unique floor plan with a unique footprint in order for everything to work.

In trying to determine where you want to build, there are several questions you should ask yourself. First off, do you want neighbors, or do you want space? Do you prefer a neighborhood or open land? What about school districts? Is a well and/or septic system out of the question? Is it important to be near the main highway or interstate?

Once you find the “place” you want to live, then you can begin to dial in on a floor plan that fits your needs. Be sure to encourage and expect open communication with your builder to discuss the important items upfront before any construction begins. Things like drainage, utilities, clearing costs for large trees, or importing dirt to prepare for the foundation all need to be covered and the earlier the better.

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