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There are literally hundreds of new home building companies in Oklahoma that are capable of building your new home.

However, did you know that in the State of Oklahoma, builders are not required to obtain a General Contractor’s License? They must have General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance. Other than that, anyone can be a “builder”.

Prior to signing on the dotted line, there are several questions you should ask yourself, and the company you’re considering using. These are tough questions, but the answers should be easy for the right builder.

  • Why should I choose your company?
  • Are you adequately insured? What about the Subcontractors you use?
  • What experience do you have building?
  • What quality features are built into my home?
  • How does your company manage the construction process of my home?
  • What warranty do you offer? What does it cover?
  • How would you feel if I told you I want a 3rd party home inspector of my choice to completely go through my new home before I close?

Southern Comfort Homes can easily answer ALL of these questions:

Why should I choose your company?

We offer a hands-on, personalized, home-buying experience. Tim and Karey, the owners of Southern Comfort Homes will take you through step-by-step from discussing your visions, to designing your home, writing the initial contract to hand you your keys. They have been building homes for over 20 years. Tim and Karey have worked for Fortune 500 builders, as well as privately-owned custom construction companies. They have taken the best practices and made them even better. The attention you will receive is second to none.

Are you adequately insured?

Absolutely! We have General Liability insurance through an A+ rated provider, and we have Builders’ Risk insurance on every home under construction. Our insurance policies not only meet the requirements of the lending institutions we’ve partnered with, oftentimes they exceed them.


What experience do you have building?

Tim has built over 250 homes in his building career. He has built homes in Arizona, and also Oklahoma. Tim has a solid understanding of building methods and practices. He has also held positions in Purchasing, Estimating, Land Development, Accounting, Budgeting, and Sales for several companies listed on the Fortune 500. He also has his Realtors’ license in both Arizona and Oklahoma. (Both licenses are currently inactive.)

Karey has an educational background in Customer Service and Business Administration and has worked as a Scheduling Coordinator, Design Center Coordinator, Warranty Manager, Executive Construction Administrator, and is also a Notary in the State of Oklahoma. Her attention to detail and her excellent communication skills will keep you informed as your new home progresses from a concept and a dream to a reality!

What quality features are built into my home?

Southern Comfort Homes has the only business model (that we are aware of) that requires your home to be cleaned from top to bottom after every trade performs work. This ensures that there is virtually no chance of anything being “sealed up” inside your walls or ceiling that does not belong there. If you were to look inside walls, under stairs, and especially under the master bathroom tub of new homes under construction, you would likely see drink containers, construction debris, food, and food wrappers. When you walk through a Southern Comfort Home, you will not see any of those things. We walk our homes at every stage to ensure this.

Additionally, Southern Comfort Homes builds only on post-tension concrete foundations. This is highly recommended by Civil Engineers in Oklahoma. Our expansive soils and recent increased earthquake activity make this a necessary consideration. Why would you buy a new home built only on a 4-inch thick concrete slab poured on a bed of sand, versus a solid concrete foundation with steel cables and rebar reinforcement throughout?

We also use “Made in USA” products whenever possible. Southern Comfort Homes uses brand names that you know and trust, such as GE, Kitchenaide, Delta, Owens Corning, Lennox, and more.

How does your company manage the construction process of my home?

Southern Comfort Homes provides every Buyer with a personalized home-binder. It contains all of the information pertinent to your new home; the floor plan, a copy of the contract, your design selections, the standard features, emergency contact numbers, etc. We also have several “checkpoints” that are communicated to you during the construction process of your new home. We feel it’s important that you are never out of the loop. Additionally, we have 4 separate walk-throughs that you are directly involved in. This helps to ensure that your new home is built 100% to your expectations without construction delays and costly remodels along the way.


What warranty do you offer? What does it cover?

Southern Comfort Homes offers virtually a bumper-to-bumper warranty for the first year. About the only things it does not cover are acts of God, abuse, and neglect. We then offer a third-party 10-year warranty on your foundation. Many other new home builders do not offer anything past the first year, and their warranty doesn’t cover much. Be sure to ask about this.

How would you feel if I told you I want a 3rd party home inspector of my choice to completely go through my home before I close?

We not only encourage you to hire an outside inspector, but we also recommend it! Try to find another builder who is this confident about their finished product. Our objective is for you to be completely comfortable with your purchase.


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